Saints VS. Rams Final score: 26 - 24 SAINTS!!!

Highlights of the first half: 

Big play of the first half:  Mark Ingram scores right before the 2:00 warning, bringing the Saints to the lead 16-14. 


Brees continues to listen to plays being called, all while watching from the sidelines. We're all hoping to see him back on the field soon.

Second half: Davis to Franklin for a 15 yard touchdown. Rams right behind with 24... Saints still in the lead with 26 and 11:07 left in the game.

4th Quarter: Saints defense holding strong against rookie Emory Blake. 3:11 left in the game. Saints fans reserve hope with a game so close against a strong offensive team. 

A questionable decision for a kickoff by The Saints at 2:30 in the last quarter; Can Rob Ryan's defense fight through?

1:49 left, and the score is still 26-24 Saints... Saints stop the clock at :54 seconds and a missed field goal by The Rams with :11 seconds to go seals it for The Saints!