Flag Photo Credit: thecarconnection.com 

In honor of June being gay pride month, we here at 24/7 Comedy will be playing bits from gay comedians at the :20 minute mark of every hour. The bits are about what it is like to be homosexual, funny situations that have occurred due to being gay, and just gay and lesbian comedians talking about other random topics like other comedians do.

The month of June was chosen to honor the LGBT community due to the Stonewall riots, which happened at the end of June 1969. The Stonewall Inn was a place where homosexuals could go and be themselves with out fear of being ridiculed and was one of the few places around of its kind at the time.

Then, the police raided the Stonewall in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, but did not expect the homosexuals to fight back, due to being fed up with this behavior. These riots lasted for days and are considered to be the single most important event that led towards the gay liberation movement and what is now known as the modern fight for gay and lesbian rights in the United States.

Some of the comedians we will be featuring this week are names such as Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, James Adomian, Lily Tomlin, Todd Glass, Jim David, Stephanie Miller, and Mom’s Mabley. We’re super excited to be dedicating an entire week to the LGBT crowd and again, you can listen at the :20 minute mark  every hour to hear these great comedians or check us out on iHeartRadio!