We are as excited as a 12-year-old kid whose mom just made pizza rolls because Maria Bamford is our Comic of the Week! You might recognize bama-buda-Bamford as the entertainer that starred in Target’s Black Friday ad campaign two-years in a row. She got her start in stand-up in Minneapolis, Minnesota before joining the Edinburgh’s improvisational comedy show The Improverts.

After that, she started to dabble in voice acting, most notably providing the voice of Shriek in one of the original Nickelodeon cartoons CatDog. She also provides voices for numerous secondary characters for Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and the character Mrs. Botsford for the Emmy award-winning PBS educational series WordGirl. Bamford takes her experience in voice acting and makes it a major component in her stand-up routines, along with portraying her dysfunctional family and using self-deprecation to form jokes about anxiety and depression.

Photo: mariabamford.com

Bamford has released four brilliantly crafted comedy albums throughout her career including her debut The Burning Bridges Tour (2005), How to WIN! (2007), Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome (2009), and her latest one Ask Me About My New God (2013).  She has done what every comedian tries to do with his or her career; make each release even funnier than the previous one. And it’s a tough bar to reach. There have been some comedians that explode into the scene but fail to follow up with funnier albums and merely drift away into the annals of comedy.

Though, Bamford has had a steady career since her first album was released and has only gotten better and better at what she does. Take a bit from her new album about dating for example:

“You know I’m getting better at relationships and I hope to be as confident as some people. Because some people are like, ‘Yeah we met and we just kinda new.' Oooh so you guys never get in fights or anything? ‘Oh well, (laughs) well he doesn’t like onions.’ Yeaaah so you’ve never had to work through anything like a workbook? ‘You know if I were you I’d watch out for red flags.' Okay yes, but what if I’m like a giant flag factory that only manufactures giant red flags? ‘Well maybe you need to learn to be the one before you meet the one.' Is that Bob Dylan? Because he’s just so funny!”

So it’s bits like this one, which she does a hilarious peppy girl voice for the other character, that she does impressive voices, extremely funny conversations, and produces down right hilarity all in one short bit. Maria Bamford is a unique comedy and we are beyond excited to be focusing on her work all this week. You can download the free iHeartRadio app and listen to her there or on the radio and even here on our website, just tune in every hour at the :20 minute mark! Enjoy!