“James Adomian Does Marc Maron Better Than Marc Maron!” – Marc Maron

Since June is Pride Month, 24/7 Comedy is going to be standing in solidarity with our gay brothers and sisters by showcasing some of the best non-heterosexual talent in the comedy industry this week.  While there are some great names on the list such as Wanda Sykes, Todd Glass, and Ellen Degeneres (to name a few), the one name that stands out to me, time and time again, is a young, brilliant, upstart comedian based out of Los Angeles named James Adomian.

Heck, his name would stand out to me on any list of comedians—that’s how good he is. 

His debut album (which came out in August of last year) entitled Low Hanging Fruit, was one of the better releases of 2012, and if there were an award for “Best New Talent” Adomian would be the Frank Ocean (pun intended) of the comedy industry.

If I had to characterize Adomian and his style of comedy, I would classify him as a Jack of All Trades when it comes to telling jokes on stage. Meaning, he has a wide array of topics that touch on various subject matter. From joke-to-joke, he will hop from social commentary to hilarious impressions, add some political humor, and round it out with some celebrity pop culture hilarity. 

Now, let’s not downplay or understate his dynamic range as an impressionist. No one, and I mean no one, can do Paul Giamatti, Louis CK, Joan Rivers, Jesse the Body Ventura, Alex Jones, Fred Phelps (from the Westboro Baptist Church), or Sam Elliot like Adomian can. In fact, at South by Southwest, Marc Maron jokingly told me that Adomian can do a better Marc Maron than Marc Maron, so much so, he played Mr. Maron in a funny web series for IFC entitled Maron in Space. Here’s a sample:

Low Hanging Fruit is an instant classic and closes with two very funny bits. The first is a compilation of what Adomian observes as “gay villains” in pop culture movie history, which includes the likes of Starscream (from Transformers), Ka the Python (from The Jungle Book), Skeletor (from He-Man), The Riddler, and the ultimate hag-queen herself: Ursula (from The Little Mermaid). And yes, he does spot-on, hilarious impressions of each and every one of these characters.

The second bit comes as a bonus to the album and closes it out by detailing his worst gig ever: opening for Joan Rivers at an Indian Casino in Florida. It’s hard to detail the events as he describes, but just know it culminates with an elderly woman flipping Mr. Adomian off, and the spotlight operator moving the spotlight off of Adomian and onto this lady’s arm, while three thousand geriatric elderly people cheer in unity against him.

The 24/7 Comedy crew had the opportunity to hang with James at two comedy festivals held in Austin, TX: South by Southwest and Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival. One of his brilliant performances I saw at SXSW was an entirely improvised rendition of the television show “Conspiracy Theory”, where he performed his impression of Jesse “The Body” Ventura. We were captivated at his ability to stay in character for over an hour, and keep that grizzled, guttural impression of “The Body” going the whole time. 

You simply have to see/hear him in action to believe the hype.

James Adomian is one of the funniest comedians in America, and would be number one on any of the silly top 10 lists you see every week on the internet with the phrase “comics to watch” in the title.  If there were a more surefire safe bet on who the next big household name to come from the comedy world would be, I’d put my money on James any day of the week. 

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Photo credits: jamesadomian.com