At a recent performance in Nashville on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyoncé reached out into the crowd and grabbed a fan’s hand during her song “Irreplaceable.” Though, this kind gesture turned out to be what seemed like some sort of exorcism or spiritually awakening for the crazy fan. He surely did feel the Holy Spirit of the Great Beyoncé move through him oh yes he did indeedy.

Not only did she hold his hand, she also bent down and gave the newly revived guy a nice, long hug. And that was just too much Spirit for him to handle as he fell to the floor after she let go. This guy’s life is forever changed now that he has come in direct contact with the Almighty Queen.

Now, there’s no devotional book he can use for strengthening his relationship with Beyoncé, and until there is one, he can just use the good ole Internet to further progress his love for her, which he has probably already been doing on a day-to-day basis. But hey, I don’t blame the guy for reacting that way because maybe anyone in that situation would get caught up in the moment like he did.

Take the tall, dark, and stunned guy in the right back of the photo below of Beyoncé for instance. He is literally, and I mean literally, stunned by the booty that Beyoncé is beholding. It’s completely clear his eyes are fixed on her badonkadonk and in the same context as I meant before, I don’t blame this guy for reacting that way. I mean, it is the Beyoncé and her continually praised body standing right in front of you in a tight, shimmering blue jumpsuit. Any guy would be stunned in place if they were put in this guy’s position. I just hope he was able to snap out of that hypnotic coma and enjoy the rest of the show. Or who knows, maybe he’s still standing there in that spot with the same exact look of disbelief on his face. 

Photo: Larry Busacca