Brian Regan is one of the biggest comedians out there right now. His acts sells out all over the country and he has a wide fan base.

Reagan started his career in the early 80s (he's 54 years old but you wouldn't believe it with his youthful looks) and released his first album in 1997. Since then he has toured regularly and taped several specials for Comedy Central. 

His comedy is usually very observational with a bit of self-deprecation. His style is somewhat clean, making him popular with audiences of all-ages and from any walk of life. 

In December 2010, Brian released new album, All By Myself, as a digital download only available at his online store and stands as one of the first professional comedians to boldly offer it that way, sans label. The album also marks a record, because he sold out five consecutive shows in one run at the same theater. The last person to do that (with four shows) was Jerry Seinfeld.

Where to find him


Facebook: /BrianReganComedian

Twitter: /brianregancomic

Buy his stuff here: /